Politicians and Tweeting

Celebrities Politicians and tweeting. Today, celebrities and tweeting is huge. Millions of people follow celebrities. For many different reasons. Sometimes, people follow celebrities because they curious what they are up to and sometimes it’s because they like to know about the latest styles and trends. However, lately, it has become a huge trend for politicians to start using Twitter and social media to get their information out.

In an earlier blog, I wrote about President George W. Bush making an Instagram. On those terms, I believed it was still odd, but more appropriate. He made an Instagram to publicize all the charities and organizations that he is involved in and the issues that he is passionate about. But, the other day, when I saw a tweet by President Barack Obama, I felt a little uncomfortable. He was tweeting about Obamacare and the health care’s new website.

Barack Obama's Twitter Home Page

Barack Obama’s Twitter Home Page

During his campaign, I believed his Twitter was a good way to get his campaign ideas out to the public. He knew how to tap into a different group of people that most politicians, especially President’s have never tapped into before. However, during his campaign it just makes me feel uncomfortable, especially in a time of such turmoil.

Although the Twitter account states that it is run by his administration and not by Obama personally, it is very much a tool to keep people thinking positively about the President and his ongoing reputation. It seems very bias and no longer informative, as it should be. I find it to be a little opinionated and one-sided, when a President’s Twitter should not be, it should be promoting the country and the government as a whole. He should no longer be in campaign mode.

It’s no longer celebrities and tweeting, it’s politicians and tweeting.