Rapper The Game Uses Instagram To Promote His Charity


The rapper, The Game is using social media platform Instagram to promote his charity “The Robin Hood Project.” His goal is to give away $1 million of his own money by Christmas to people in need. His Instagram account, is filled with Polaroid like photos of people he has given money to. The photos caption includes the amount that was donated and why. It varies from $50 – 20,000. Check out The Robin Hood Project 


The Game's Robin Hood Project The Game says he was inspired by a trip to Australia, when he met a child and after talking to the child handed him $20 AUD. He said after he left, he felt like he could do more and wanted to do more for others.He decided he would start the Robin Hood Project. The idea would be one man’s goal of giving away $1 million by Christmas.


Instagram is a great platform the Game has utilized in order to bring awareness to his followers and his goal.  People have speculated this is all a publicity stunt or have criticized his street cred, for wanting to do something for others. But the Game, has said countless times in interviews and tweets how sincere he is about this project.

Sometimes the news does not pick up every tragic story that happens in the US especially if it’s in a high crime area. The Game continues to bring awareness to stories that might not ever get attention like  Martha Sanchez of Central Los Angeles who was robbed and shot multiple times leaving behind 5 children. This didn’t make national news until the Game donated $20,000 to her family.