Why Micro-Influencers Drive Income

In the new age of social media marketing, we have seen a rise in micro influencers. Specifically how micro-influencers drive income to brands more than their larger counterparts. While many brands aspire to work with the big name influencers, the real money is in the ones with significantly smaller followings.

Micro-Influencers drive income because their followers feel they are peers rather than celebrities

The definition of influencer has changed as the concept of social media, and the internet has changed. Now anyone with over 15 thousand followers can self-title themselves a “public figure” (a synonym for influencer). There are two types of influencers. The more commonly thought of influencer is the one with millions of followers, that double as celebrities. These stars rise to become household names, coming from blogs and social media alone. The second type of influencer stemming again from social media and blogs are micro-influencers. These individuals have anywhere from a few thousand followers to a few hundred thousand followers. Their real value is in the fact that they have a smaller following.

Micro-Influencers drive income by talking to their followers like peers

Micro influencers drive income because their followers do not see them as influencers at all, but rather as friends. The real sweet spot is the ones with around a hundred thousand followers. These individuals are not seen as celebrities but as friends. They can interact with their followers in ways that the more popular influencers cannot. These people seem both attainable and relatable. Their followers view them as peers more than anything else. When these influencers speak to their followers and recommend brands or products, it feels like the recommendation is coming from a trusted friend instead of an endorsed celebrity. Micro influencers drive income to brands because they drive clicks and purchases at a much higher percentage than major influencers who post to millions of followers at a time.
The profitability of micro-influencers lies in the smaller size of their following. So when trying to put together a social media marketing plan, do not overlook the ones with a smaller following. These are almost always the ones to drive the most income.