Now You Can Discover and Interact with New Snapchat Context Cards

You won’t have to leave the app to explore a geotag on a Snap due to the new Snapchat Context Cards feature. Snapchat announced this feature last week to enhance users discovery of information about locations. This feature further engages users all while remaining in-app. If you’re curious or intrigued by a location tagged in a friend’s Snap Story, now you won’t have to go look it up elsewhere.

Engaging with Snapchat Context Cards

You can discover Snapchat Context Cards by swiping up on Snaps that display the word “MORE” at the bottom. According to The Verge, you can see the cards on Snaps that have specific geofilters. This includes Snaps with a  white-text location, venue-specific geofilters, and Snaps on the ‘Our Story’ feature. The option to swipe up on “MORE” appears on Snaps that are sent by users who share their location in settings.Snapchat Context Cards in use. Displaying information about a location on a Snap.

The Context Cards are both informative and interactive. Due to Snapchat partnering with companies like TripAdvisor and Foursquare, you can see basic information about restaurants and stores. On the card, you can find contact information, hours of operation, and reviews.

In addition, some of Snapchat’s other partners like Uber, Lyft, and OpenTable make the feature more engaging for users. Did you ever think you could use Snapchat for bookings? Well, the feature lets users book reservations and rides to locations directly in the app.

Furthermore, this feature seems like an added beneficial tool for businesses in terms of marketing. The existing marketing and advertising options offered by Snapchat are paid campaigns that we see featured on Stories. Information about businesses becomes easily accessible and relatable based on friend’s Snaps with the new Snapchat Context Cards. The cards give users a chance to discover a business seen on a Snap instantly, driving more attention and potential traffic to a location.

As the new feature continues to roll out, Snapchat plans on adding more partners and additional information to improve the cards.