Locket: Get Paid to Unlock Your Android


Calling all Android users: there’s now an app that will give you money for one small price – advertisements on your smartphone’s lock screen.

Image courtesy of Locket

Image courtesy of Locket

Locket claims a phone’s lock screen is “the most valuable real estate in advertising,” meaning the app will give users a platform to connect to the brands by using advertising in a way that rewards the consumer too.

The company places advertisements on the lock screen of Android users who download the app, then rewards them by paying them through a PayPal account. Advertisers have the option to place a static image on the lock screen, which users can engage with by swiping left. Swiping right will open the phone like usual, and the direction of the swipe doesn’t affect the amount of money the user receives. Brands can also use video media to bring commercials and trailers to smartphones, as well as using the lock screen to display coupons that can be saved in the app.

Each time a user unlocks their phone, they are paid one cent, and can receive up to three cents per hour. After racking up at least $10 worth of unlocks, the user can redeem their earnings using PayPal. With that money, users can cash out, load up a gift card, or even donate to charity. According to Business Insider, the average user earns up to $10 a month.

The company has also released data showing just how often users check their phones; up to 900 times a day for a single person in some cases.

The app raises questions as to how distracted users will be by seeing a new screen every time they lock their phone, and whether or not the media displayed will diminish battery life.

Check out the Locket FAQ for more information.

What do you think? Is the potential distraction and annoyance worth the payback?

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