Screenshots from Russia Reveal an Instagram Live Feature

When the app first launched, Instagram was known for its simple layout. With the addition of Snapchat-like stories and a suggested feed, the Instagram we once knew is a thing of the past.

This week, the Russian news site T Journal shared screenshots of an Instagram live feature. Instagram has failed to comment, but it’s not unlikely that Instagram would want to join the ranks of Facebook, Snapchat and Periscope with a live video function.

Too many options

Celebrities use Facebook live, and to a lesser extent Periscope, to share their lives with their followers or promote a new product. Companies use Facebook live to give interviews, promote sales or show an inside look.

With the option of both Facebook live and an Instagram live feature, companies and celebrities would either have to have two people recording an event, one for each platform, or choose to neglect an audience. Based purely off number of followers, the Instagram live feature would often get the boot.


The Instagram live feature layout

The screenshot appears to have a “LIVE” icon on an Instagram story. Another screenshot has a button that says “Go Insta” on a camera. Seems pretty straightforward, but the screenshots don’t reveal much information about how the function works.

screenshots of an Instagram live feature

Source: T Journal

screenshots of an Instagram live feature

Source: T Journal


The source of the Instagram live feature layout is problematic. T Journal says that a reader sent in the screenshots above, and tech writers speculate that Instagram is testing the feature in Russia.

But why Russia? There are hundreds of markets better than Russia to test a new feature. Was this a planned leak from Instagram? Again, why leak to an incredibly small news source in Russia?

Who wants this?

The social media world is not lacking in live video services. It’s understandable that Instagram feels the need to catch up with other sites, because live video works and is fun. If an Instagram live feature is a move on their part to gain more followers or increase engagement, good luck. They’re going to have to come up with something more creative to impress us.


If you speak Russian, check out the original T Journal article here.