Government Plans to Imprison the Homeless

It may sound like a government conspiracy, but you would be surprised to learn that the government has been planning to imprison the homeless for years.

Colombia City Council Attempts to Imprison The Homeless

FEMA Prison Camps

In August, news began to circulate the Internet concerning South Carolina’s governmental efforts to imprison the homeless. The Colombia City Council passed a plan that would allow for an “Emergency Homeless Response.” This effort included a command that would give all officers permission to gather resources to imprison the homeless. They would first offer the homeless a choice; go to jail or be sent to a 24-hour shelter on the outskirts of town without access to leave. After that, immediate action would be taken.

You may be wondering, how does the government have the right to imprison the homeless on any given whim? According to South Carolina Police Chief Rueben Santiago “…homelessness is not a crime…this is not about hurting people. It’s about helping them. But we’re not going to allow them to live on our streets anymore… There are people who are going to resist it. It’s unfortunate that we’re going to have to give them some tough love.”

These are indeed bold measures and if you think that this is merely an isolated event, a government plan known as “Agenda 21” might have something different to say about it. Now to some, this government plan seems over the top, but if you are interested in how the detainment of the homeless fits into a bigger picture, read here.

Why Imprison the Homeless

Official political jargon states that homeless people are a detriment to the quality of life of others. Statistics show that the homeless commit more acts of crime, loitering, and public urination than their home owning counterparts. Supposedly, concerted efforts to remove the homeless population will benefit the middle and upper classes. Also, ridding the nation of  homeless  people will reduce the environmental hazard they present to the earth. In short, these efforts are meant to maintain the sustainability of our earth through depopulation.

Other rumors speculate that these attempts to imprison the homeless will lead to mass murder of society’s “invalids,” but for what purpose? How do these measures better the quality of life for the rest of Americans? Could it be that investing more resources into our education system is too much of a burden for our government.

For whatever the cause, it seems strange that state councils and political figures would support these efforts. Yet, if you think government plans to imprison the homeless is all speculative, click here to see a list of 800 fully functional prison camps that are ready to receive people for these reasons.

Do you believe the government is actually trying to imprison the homeless with the intent of exterminating them? Not the cheeriest thought for the day, but let me know what you think.