Multichannel Music Radio Part I

In a market saturated with music choices, variety is the spice of life. On-demand streaming, algorithm-based, satellite and radio portals offer benefits, but in the music mishmash of the web, well programmed multichannel music radio stations are a valuable option when one does not have time to make a choice. Listen to AccuRadio, HotMix Radio and Batanga Radio and think of niche-audience touch points for brands.

Multichannel music radio

Think $ and Listen Beyond The Obvious Channels

$ = Communicators, marketers, and brand connectors: think of niche-audiences and inexpensive audio-message distribution.

M = Music fans and geeks: get that music bookmarks folder ready for even more! Apps are available for popular mobile and desktop platforms.


Independent multichannel music radio

Multichannel Music Radio

500 channels and blend feature!

$ – It reaches nearly a million unique listeners per month with an audience of as many 14,000 simultaneous listeners on weekdays during business hours -internet radio’s “prime time.” Its audience is approximately 60/40 male/female and almost equally divided between the 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 age groups, with an average age of 41. AccuRadio‘s offices are in Chicago.

M – More than 500 channels and options to blend them. Sort by genre, decade, culture, etc.


Europe-based multichannel music radio with rhythmic English and French choices

HotMix Radio is Multichannel Music Radio Part I

17 channels with international flair, oh là là!

$ – Listeners are spread around the world with a strong based in the French-speaking world. Advertising is done through Adionomy  and  SkyBoardHotMix Radio is headquartered in Paris, and they are founders of SYROL (syndicat des radios on-line).

M –  17 channels including: Dance, Hits, Rock, Hip-Hop, New, Lounge, Frenchy, 80’s, 90’s, Funky, Hot, Metal, Sunny, Babymix and VIP plus podcasts. Choice of DJ or voice-talent-free and they offer genre or artist-centric channels.


Multichannel music radio en Español, English and Spanglish

Batanga is Multichannel music radio en Español, English and Spanglish

MUCHAS options including branded channels

$ – Batanga Media is an independent digital media company serving the U.S.Hispanic and Latin American markets. Properties include, the Batanga Radio mobile app, and Batanga’s offer includes branded channels. It is headquartered in Miami, Florida with operations in 14 countries.

M – Batanga Radio users stream millions of songs per year, and create over hundreds of thousands of custom stations every month. Listeners can also tune into hundreds of pre-made genre stations in both English and Spanish.

Stay tuned for future entries with more choices, locations and business insights on multichannel music radio.

~Tech Guerrero for Sindiek8