Whisper App: Anonymity Prevention of Cyber Bullying

The mobile social media app, Whisper, allows users to express themselves anonymously and reveal secrets that they wouldn’t feel comfortable revealing behind a username or profile.

Users create a “whisper” by creating a personally styled card where they can write a secret that are displayed in front of pictures the user chooses. Users of the app are able to “like” and comment on whispers, however because there are no user profiles following a particular user is impossible.

A recent article on Mashable.com claims anonymous apps such as Whisper are the solution to cyber bullying.

Social media used everyday by people across the world portray an unrealistic view of the user on their profile. Individuals choose what they post according to how it will make others react and think twice because their name is attached. Making others believe you have the better life filled with adventure, parties and beauty is the goal for most users, proved through their selective pictures uploaded. When children post or upload things on social media, they are subject to harassment by their peers. People are more likely to harass someone over the Internet than they are in person.


One million kids were harassed, threatened or cyber bullied in another way through facebook in the course of the past year.  Middle school girls are especially vulnerable to cyber bullying and possibility of suicide is severe for victims.

Whisper allows children (and adults) to express their true feelings while avoiding ridicule from their peers.  Acceptance is expected of users, and everyone is welcome to upload anything as serious as admitting they are suicidal, to as silly as mentioning a skittle addiction. In addition to preventing cyber bullies, whisper gives users the opportunity to confess to things that could potentially ruin marriages, friendships or result in loss of job, without suffering consequences. You can over share without any repercussions.

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The Whisper app is bringing a new wave of beneficial anonymity to social media. Who doesn’t love an app that prevents online bullying, AND allows you to admit to your addiction to fuzzy socks without weirding out your room mate.

2 thoughts on “Whisper App: Anonymity Prevention of Cyber Bullying

  1. Cool app, its kind of like post secret, not sure if I would use it but maybe it helps create a safe outlet for those who need to express themselves.

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I’m going to post the url in some of my socials. It’s worth asking people in your socials to re-post it, you never know when it is reaching the right person upon need. ~Tech

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