The GroupMe for Professionals

GroupMe for ProfessionalsGroupMe is an app for smartphones and a website, but slack is the new GroupMe for professionals. Slack is a tool used by professionals to communicate digitally within an organization. There are five components of Slack: teams and workspaces, channels, messages, search, and notifications. A team is the group of people using Slack to communicate. A workspace is a digital space the team shares to communicate and work. Channels are the space where a team communicates. There are public and private channels. Public channels are open to the whole team. Whereas, team members must invite others to the private channel. Direct message is where two teammates can communicate one on one. Sending messages occurs through public and private channels or direct messages. Search allows a user to narrow down information needed to get work done. Lastly, notifications enable team members to know when the team is talking.

How is Slack the GroupMe for Professionals?

GroupMe is a group messaging app that allows people to form groups and talk. Slack is the same thing on the service but geared as a “GroupMe” for professionals. Slack integrates tools professionals use for projects. The tools allow the team to have a central feed of the project next to the chat. This feature allows teams to easily access an updated version of the project. Slack revolutionalized the way teams collaborate. Teammates can drop a link to a PDF and the team is able to comment on it. The feedback on the document is easier to store than different versions of one document. Before Slack, professional’s dropbox’s were cluttered. Companies can work remote and still feel as if they are in the office. Email is out and Slack is the new tool to use. Slack is in real-time and accessible to on a variety of different platforms.