Who really invented the Tablet ? Was it Apple or Microsoft ?


The iPad was one of Steve Jobs greatest creations. In fact, he stated on a personal interview that he started working on the iPad for a long time before he ever even started on the iPhone. However, the demand at the time was to create a successful mobile phone device. After the iPhone’s success Steve Jobs went right back to improve the iPad.

The tablet PC was the first [real] pad introduced into this planet. However, the device had windows XP and functioned the same as an actual PC. In essence, this generated no demand for the product. People just did not feel as though they actually needed it for something useful. Had Bill Gates made a different specialized software for the PC tablet then things could have been completely different.

Steve Jobs iPad made the market because of two important key factors. Number one the device looks awesome and was carefully crafted and engineered, as compared to the PC tablet it does not stand a chance. Second, the device used a special apple software designed specifically for the tablet needs. It is somewhat different than the Mac OS installed on Mac Desktops and laptops.

Steve Ballmer then imitated this idea and developed the same concept into the new PC tablet. This PC tablet is now introduced as the Surface with Windows 8 but it’s essentially the same thing as the iPad, I say this because it was made based on the same ‘principles’ and ‘apple reversed engineered ideas’ which made the actual Surface PC tablet product a great success. It was a great achievement and the new Windows 8 software not only made it to the Tablet market, but it also can be used and installed on Microsoft laptops and desktops.

Many can argue that the idea from the Surface Tablet was actually stolen from the apple iPad, but Microsoft did invent the concept of an actual tablet first, mostly because Microsoft was more tuned on Star Trek at the time. In my personal opinion both Apple and Microsoft stole from each other. I say this because Microsoft had the tablet device in the market and made, but it was ugly and did nothing different than a PC because it had windows XP. Apple afterwards had the perfect software and a design for a portable tablet device, however they did not know exactly what to call it or how to introduce it to the market. Then Apple stole the ideas from Microsoft’s unsuccessful Tablet launch to make the iPad a big successful hit. But then Microsoft later screwed them over by saying thank you now we will apply what you just did to your successful iPad device and make our very own Surface Tablet device a great success.

In essence, everyone steals from everyone, they both rob each other and then they both get rich because of it.





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  1. I really enjoyed the information in this post. In the constant Apple vs. PC battle I never thought about which company presented the tablet first. I don’t own a tablet, my Macbook Air does the job, but if I were to ever purchase one I would stay loyal to Apple and get an iPad. Do you prefer Apple over PC or vice-versa?

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