The Digital Age Lego

Lego has decided to overcome the challenges of the digital age by embracing everything that comes with it. With their third incarnation of Lego’s Mindstorms series, Lego has developed five walking and talking robots that can all be programmed by a smartphone app.


This new line of Legos includes many new features that broaden Lego’s appeal to an even wider market of individuals, attracting older adult users while still remaining simple enough to be built by 10-year-olds. One of their latest features is that these robots come with an attachable plastic-brick so you no longer have to worry about knocking over your construction. These robots are also fully equipped with snapping jaws and fangs, which can all be controlled through the app.

These new creations are helping Lego to grow faster then their competitors Mattel Inc. and Hasbro Inc. Chief Marketing Officer Mads Nipper says that by embracing the digital age, the Lego website has driven over 20 million monthly visitors and has sold 100 million-plus copies of their video game.

Lego has also hired an international group to help create 12 new models of the robots, which include an electric guitar and a bulldozer, which will be available for purchase online.

But this is not the first time Danish toymaker Ole Kirk Kristiansen has revamped the Lego to stay relevant in the changing world. Originally founded in 1932, Lego has enormously evolved from a brand that only made yo-yos, ducks and fire trucks out of wood. They have developed Lego lines that appeal to essentially all market segments. They even have delved into filmmaking. In February, Lego will release their animated film, which stars Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, and Morgan Freeman. Lego’s constant face-lifts are an excellent example of how a brand must remain adaptable in order to survive the fast paced environment of a continuously evolving world.

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  1. Oh wow… revamping legos for an older crowd. I can only imagine what type of people would be interested in purchasing these new legos. In my opinion they should just stick to developing towards younger audiences.

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