Do You Want To Smell Your Iphone Notifications?



According to the Los Angeles Times, a company called “Scentee” created a device that releases a small spray of fragrance every time you receive a notification. The small white device plugs into the phone’s earphone jack and incorporates the use of an LED light along with releasing a scent. The company offers scents such as strawberry, coffee, lavender, and mint.

So, what this is telling me is that every time I get a like on Facebook, Instagram, Text, or Call my phone is going to smell like coffee? I am not quite sure how I feel about this… I do appreciate the smell of coffee in the morning, and who doesn’t love the smell of strawberries. But, do I really want my phone to become a febreeze bottle?

It is bad enough when you spray too much perfume, which might I add has to be of higher quality than the mint fragrance from Scentee, but maybe I am wrong. You can turn your phone into a walking, smelling, perfume spraying machine for the convenient and cost efficient price of $5. This $5 purchase will award you with 100 sprays, which will last the average person about 4 hours.

I guess the most important question is, how good do they fragrances smell? Do they spray after every single notification, or can you change the settings to spray only a couple of times a day? Now that I think about my questions I am asking myself why I am seriously taking this invention into consideration.



Personally I feel as though this is an incredibly odd invention. What flavors are we going to get in the future and how horrible would this device be in small and confined spaces. The company says that they are producing a bacon scented fragrance and I can’t help but to imagine being trapped in an elevator with a teenager who has a phone that smells like bacon every 20 seconds.

I will say that this intervention is indeed one that is creative, but not for me. I am sure the device will have success due to its cheap price and due to people’s needs to explore odd devices!

To learn more about Scentee follow the link below:,0,4482886.story 

2 thoughts on “Do You Want To Smell Your Iphone Notifications?

  1. I don’t really understand who would like this concept. I get way to many notifications, as I am almost always on my phone. If my phone sprayed a sent every single time, I would have a never-ending headache!

  2. The concept of fusing smell with technology is nothing new. In fact one of the first movies to use smells (called Scent of Mystery) was created in the 60s!! I think this is an awesome idea for things like fragrances and lotions. I am really positive about the idea and would love to smells ads and such! Can you imagine being able to smell everyone’s food pictures on Instagram!?

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