iPhone Software Glitch frustrating Apple Users All Over the World

iPhone software glitchOver the last month, Apple iPhone users have noticed a strange bug when they type the letter “i” on any application. The iPhone software glitch sends a number of symbols instead of the simple letter “i,” making it hard to interpret messages. This glitch has been frustrating users all over the world. Consumers are desperately waiting for Apple to address the issue.

Why is Apple having this iPhone software glitch?

There is no exact answer to this question, however, a theory is that autocorrect is the biggest factor. If you turn on the predictive text, it is noticeable that one of the options when you type the letter “i” is to change it to “A ?.” The change is bizarre to consumers because it does not always change, but rather a more sporadic and unpredictable occurrence.

How to fix the iPhone software glitch?

There have been many different suggestions on how to fix this glitch. The first is just to simply turn off your autocorrect. Consumers have also figured out a more elaborate way to handle the glitch, which goes as follows

  • Go into your Settings
  • Click “General”
  • Click “Keyboard”
  • Click “Text Replacement”
  • Click “+” to add a new one
  • Type an upper-case “I” under “Phrase” and type a lower-case “i” under “Shortcut.”

This specific fix does not completely solve the iPhone software glitch, however, it helps improve it especially in iMessage. From the consumer’s personal experience, there have been reports stating that the fix does not affect other apps, specifically Snapchat.

 Why hasn’t Apple addressed the issue?

The glitch has been happening to Apple users for weeks at this point and there has not been a software update released to fix it. While people are always loyal to Apple, the glitch has started an uproar on the internet, specifically social media websites like Twitter. Consumers want to continue there brand loyalty, but how much longer can they handle the glitch?