Twitter rolls out a New Character Limit

New Character LimitTwitter releases a new character limit that allows users to type up to 240 characters per tweet. Twitter is an online news and social networking channel where users “tweet.” Users “tweet” through a message with 140-characters or less. Since the message is limited, many refer to Twitter as microblogging. Users share anything on their mind with followers. Users can tag other users on Twitter to ask a question or share a thought. 

How does the new character limit change Twitter?

Twitter began testing the new character limit in September. The company found users running into fewer character limitations. Twitter found that the new character limit allows users to receive more engagement and followers. Therefore, users spend more time on Twitter. The change attracts more people to use Twitter. The new character limit does not change Chinese, Japanese, and Korean-speaking users. All three of these languages allow for phrases that convey more than the English language.

What are disadvantages of the new character limit?

The new character limit attracts more users than before. However, with more users, it might lead to people’s content getting lost in user’s timelines. Sharing more content on Twitter leads to more time, effort and money for marketers. Longer tweets will lead to more significant blocks of text filling user’s timelines. Paragraphs blocking users timelines might lead to user’s not reading through every tweet.

The New Character Limit for Marketers

Marketers use Twitter to launch campaigns and provide users with information. Now marketers have twice the space to advertise to users on Twitter. Therefore, when launching a campaign, it is difficult to convey the message in 140-characters. With the new character limit of 280, marketers have a larger canvas. Extra space on Twitter may allow room for improved hashtags. Since Twitter attracts new users, marketers have a greater amount of people to target.