What you Need to Know about the Instagram Post Algorithm

If you haven’t already noticed, your Instagram timeline doesn’t work the way it used to. Up until the introduction of the new Instagram post algorithm, you saw posts in order of when they were uploaded, with the most recent at the top. Now they are in a seemingly random order where a post from eight hours ago may show at the top and one posted 20 minutes ago might show a few scrolls down. This algorithm concerns social media marketers, bloggers, and those who rely on Instagram for business alike. 

To beat the Instagram post algorithm, you need to know what makes a post go to the top of other peoples timelines.

There are seven key factors in what Instagram reports for what makes a post ore viewable than the rest.
The first factor is your best friends. For regular users, this element makes sure that those who you interact with most are always at the top of each others pages. Instagram knows that missing a close friends post would anger users, so this is the top factor in the algorithm. The next is similar, but engagement acts as a significant factor in the Instagram algorithm. So all likes, comments, shares, and even views can push a post to the top of the feed.

Instagram post algorithm

Relevancy also plays a role in what you and your followers see. Instagram can detect what you want to see on your timeline. By looking at what kind of photo it is and how long you look at individual posts, the app determines what you would like to see. The recognition software lets the app know what is in a photo and shows you pictures based on the categories they put those images into whether that is travel, fashion, food or any other type you may find interesting.

The next is timeliness. While posts may not be shown in a distinct order of time anymore, Instagram does try and show posts that are somewhat recent. Posts from a week ago will not display at the top of your feed just because they are relevant, but if something from the last 24 hours definitely will.

Keep in mind these key factors when posting your next Instagram

These are all the main factors that we know of but are certainly not all-encompassing. Going forward with your posting it is important to be aware of this algorithm and how Instagram shows your posts to others. In the future remember these key factors and use it to beat the Instagram post algorithm to get your posts in front of the audience you want.