Ask M: The Facebook Siri

Facebook is in the beta stages of a new digital assistant “M”, the new interface would be available through Facebook Messenger and its app.

Picture of the new M feature for Facebook The introduction to “M” is a similar interaction with computers as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Now. Our devices are being used as personal assistants to take care of all of our organizational needs. Facebook expects M to become a “digital assistant” for its users.

According to The Wallstreet Journal, approximately 10,000 people in the Bay area are testing M in its beta stage. There have been whispers of AI-based services to completely take the place of customer service tools in the future. M is unique because the service is not only asked to locate or create tasks, it can complete the tasks on your behalf, says Fortune (2015). Users cannot control Facebook M with voice, a feature that also sets it apart from other messaging apps. The M hybrid system is backed by a human assistant, which allows it to answer questions specific to the user. Instead of asking for a specific task you can ask M for recommendations such as a good burger place in Chicago or a good gift for your friend’s baby shower.

Although M is still a long way from graduating from its beta stage, it could be the future of direct-response advertising and is worth keeping a close eye on.

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