Instagram Stories vs. Snap Stories – Which is Better for Brands?

better for brandsIn a world where social media constantly changes, companies often find themselves asking one question lately. Which is better for brands, Instagram or Snapchat stories?

Which feature really is better for brands?

Instagram stories are a live build off of SnapChat stories and according to TechCrunch, they see over 100 million users using the feature each day. That same source also claims that since the release of Instagram stories there is a significant decrease in Snapchat story users and viewers. All of this information makes it very clear which platform feature is better for brands- Instagram stories.

Instagram stories are more than just a clone of Snapchat’s original feature. Brands are now able to connect to their Instagram audiences on a more personal level. For example, brands can now post behind the scenes content, host celebrity takeovers and share live, timely content. These opportunities give brands the chance to create one-on-one engagement with followers.

Snapchat has always been viewed as the more intimate platform because of these reasons, and now Instagram can be used for both serious and intimate conversations. Also, Instagram stories allow users to beat the algorithm. What does this mean, exactly? Instagram changed their chronological ordering of posts on users timeline. It now puts posts the app thinks you may have missed at the top of your page, following an un-chronological order. Brands are concerned that with this new algorithm their followers will miss important content that they post. Instagram stories beat this algorithm by remaining at the top of users feeds for the duration of their 24 hour life. Brands can utilize stories to capture the important content that they do not want to lose in the new algorithm.

In short, both of these platforms are useful for brands. Both Snapchat and Instagram are utilized  in their own respected, unique ways and can be of value to any brand or organization. However, Instagram stories continue to prove better for brands in terms of audience engagement and user visibility.