John Bezos Will Speak at SMU in April

On November 9, SMU announced that John Bezos will speak at SMU in April 2018. Bezos, the richest man in the world, is one of the most inspirational leaders worldwide. Amazon, the company he started as a book selling business, has grown into one of the most powerful and diverse companies to date. Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in business and it holds 38% market share ($149 Billion in sales in 2016).

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Why Do We Care?

Dallas Has Placed a Bid for an Amazon HQ

Dallas has placed a bid to be the second location for an Amazon headquarters. If Dallas were to land the headquarters it would staple Dallas as one of the most desired places to work in the U.S.. Amazon has made inclinations that Dallas might be in close contention to take the second HQ spot. Some speculate that this might be an opportune time for Bezos to make an announcement while speaking in Dallas.

Jeff Bezos is a Visionary of our Time

In addition to the possibility of Dallas being a future host of an Amazon headquarters, SMU’s campus will be graced by one of the most visionary entrepreneurs of our time. Not only did Bezos just surpass Bill Gates as the wealthiest man on earth, but he shows no signs of slowing down. Amazon continues to broaden its revenue streams to different areas and all the while maintaining a consistent cash flow. John Bezos will speak at SMU to cap off a stellar week of guest speakers. The Bush Center will have other leaders such as Bono, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, John Boehner, and Vice President Dick Cheney speak in the days prior to Bezos.

SMU Will Reap Huge Benefits

To have such an influential figure speak on campus builds credibility for the university in addition to offering an extraordinary experience to its students. John Bezos will speak at SMU and there is much to be excited about. Tickets will surely be hard to come by and I anticipate the buzz around this event will rise as headquarter location talks intensify. SMU must be ecstatic to have such a powerful leader come on its campus to deliver a lecture on leadership.

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