The New Snap Pixel Is Finally Here and We Couldn’t Be More Excited

Snapchat is finally getting with the program. They have created a pixel to help track users after they use an ad. The new snap pixel will be specific to advertiser’s websites in order to give brands a better idea of how their ads are doing. This will help with engagement as well as give insight into what users like.

What does the new snap pixel do?

I say ‘finally’ because other social media platforms are already using pixels. This means that Snapchat is one of the last to follow suit. The new snap pixel works like other pixels used for Google, Facebook, etc. The appeal to them is the insight it gives to advertisers about what actions people are taking after they view an ad. It also give advertisers an idea of who they should target based on history from the past 28 days. 

An article for Adweek quoted, “Snapchat is building out an ad-tech stack with measurement, analytic and tracking tools to compete alongside heavyweights in digital advertising.” Something to note though, is that for now it is being used for just measurement. Regardless, this will definitely increase engagement between an advertiser and potential consumers and is already becoming popular.

The new snap pixel is just another step in the right direction for Snapchat. They recently had some trouble with their shares and annual report. Due to the fact that they were below the financial expectations stated in the earnings report, their share price went down. Snap pixel is a good step after the annual reports and so far is showing good results. We can’t wait to see what more they learn, and what comes next for Snapchat.