Snapchat’s Newest Channel

On Monday, Snapchat added a new channel to their discover page. But there have been new channels that have been added since Snapchat launched their discover channels over a year ago, so why is this channel such a big deal?

This is the first time that Snapchat has added a discover channel that is considered an unestablished brand. “Sweet” is what Snapchat’s newest channel is called but many of us are wondering where it came from. Hearst Corporation is responsible for the launch of “Sweet.” The company has kept this project under wraps for quite sometime now and the anticipation has been killing us. Quick background; Hearst Corporation is an American multinational mass media group that owns different TV stations and magazines such as Newspapers and Esquire. Although it is not Hearst’s first rodeo; they also own another well-known Snapchat channel called “Cosmopolitan. In a promo video teaser the video closed with flashing sentences that sum up the definition of exactly what “Sweet” represents: “Love something every day. Sweet is insatiable. Sweet is composed. Sweet is imperfect. Sweet is inventive. Sweet is bold. Sweet is fresh. Sweet is irreverent. Sweet is playful. Sweet is sexy. Sweet is unexpected. Sweet is coming soon.”

Snapchat's newest channel has launched on Monday.

So what exactly is “Sweet” about? It’s a combination of eclectic subjects of lifestyle brands, products and subjects. Each post goes through different subjects, for example, todays posts including; 1. Design, 2. Style, 3. Food, 4. More Style, 5. Beauty, 6. “Art Break,” 7. Home, 8. More Style, 9. More Beauty, 10. Music, and lastly, 11. A view into a different city in the world. The variation in information that the “Sweet” channel provides is a helpful and interesting for the everyday person.

“Sweet” is now also going its presence all over social media. Now that they have launched on Snapchat, “Sweet” is also promoting and gaining a following on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Users can follow them on all platforms at @We AreSweet.

Check out Snapchat’s newest channel today.