Kylie Cosmetics: The Newest Social Media Trend

We all know about the Kardashians/Jenners. WKylie Cosmeticshether it is through their show, magazines or social media, they are always around.
Their family has overpowered our lives for the last few years. It takes a lot of willpower to get away from them. Most recently though, the youngest Jenner, Kylie, has taken over our attention with Kylie Cosmetics.

The Kylie Lip Kit took the Internet by storm earlier this year when it first made it’s debut.¬†The lip kit isn’t interesting because of Kylie, it is interesting because she is only 19-years-old. The major success of the lip kit is due to Kylie’s 80.6 million followers on Instagram. Because of her already fame, she was able to advertise her product as much as she wanted. With the huge Kardashian/Jenner following, it was bound to be a success. Especially because so many girls already want to be them.

Kylie promotes her cosmetics through her unique, edgy fashion and bold makeup style. Through advertising her kits on social media, she has made a cosmetic kingdom. The kits have been so successful that she made her own web application and is continuing the brand. Kylie Cosmetics now sells lip glosses, liners and eye shadow pallets. The product demand is high enough to begin with. However, she increases sales by creating birthday and holiday editions.

Through social media Kylie was able to create one of the most popular makeup brands for teens and early twenties. The amount of effort that she puts into her brand and image is very respectable. Unlike most stars who use social media, Kylie interacts with her fans. Kylie’s application, which has a $2.99 monthly subscription fee, gives fans a sneak peek into her daily life. Although fans already get that with the TV show, this is more personal because it is coming right from Kylie. The app includes fashion/make up tips, blogs and some of her favorite products. The image that she has created has really set her aside from her sisters. This has really given her a way to be unique in an already famous family.

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