Zendesk: Cloud Based Customer Service

Zendesk is a could based customer service app that has revolutionized the ability to meet customer’s needs. Zendesk displays an easy-to-use interface that is now being used by more than 200 million people worldwide.


Zendesk: The easiest and fastest way to great customer service

Slow first response time is the number one leading indicator for poor customer satisfaction. Zendesk, however, is designed to help your company exceed customer expectations by providing great customer service by email, social media, voice and mobile phone.

How does it work?

Zendesk takes customer communication from anywhere on the web and turns it into a ticket. While your customers are using the media channels they prefer, Zendesk puts everything in one place to make it easier for your support team to respond to each and every individual. It then updates your company’s database so that you can see what has been done for each ticket and easily report on statuses. Zendesk further allows your support team link related incidents to problems, identify root causes, and notify all affected users with a single update. This app provides your company the option of measuring user satisfaction and the performance of your IT team. Lastly, Zendesk offers hands-on training courses designed to teach your company how to implement fully customized help desks, the best strategic practices to ensure efficiency and scalability and how to use metrics to make smarter business decisions.

Who is using Zendesk?

Over 30,000 companies have begun using Zendesk.  Among these companies, you will find Sony Music, Disney, Groupon, Roku, Xerox and Vodafone. Membership plans range anywhere from $1-$195 a year depending on how many features you choose to include in your package. To find out more about what Zendesk offers, check out their video.