On-the-Go Charging Bags

How many times have you left the house in rush, failed to check your phone’s battery, and once on the road realized, “gosh darn it, 10% battery”? If this is a typical scenario for you, consider investing in one of these six bags for on-the-go charging.

Everpurse and Hustle

on-the-go charging

on-the-go charging



For the fashion-forward ladies, Everpurse and Hustle have designed a small, yet stylish bag with on-the-go charging capabilities. Both “clutch-like” bags charge overnight and will store enough power to charge an iPhone twice in one day. Its small design can be used as an actual purse (with the crossbody strap option) or can easily fit inside another purse. Prices range from $189 to $319.



The latest addition to the device-charging market has launched this month. Phorce is a sleek-designed laptop bag that is tailored to charge all of your devices (laptop, phone, tablet, etc). This product is designed to allow the user to “roam free for up to two weeks without plugging into the wall.” If you are interested in purchasing one of these revolutionary bags, they are sold on phorce.com from $349 to $449.

 Powerbag and Energi+

on-the-go charging

on-the-go charging

Just like Phorce, Powerbag and Energi+ are “charge-all” bags. Both items are essentially a backpack with four compartments designed to charge four devices at once. Powerbag and Energi+ must be charged up (via cord and outlet) prior to use and will garner enough power to charge each device for a day, but not for two weeks. Various models of these product are available for $139-$199.


on-the-go charging

For the techie that enjoys going outdoors, this product is for you. Birksun is a device-charging backpack that uses solar panels to devices. The cords inside the bag allow you to power up just about any device. However, when the sun isn’t shining, Birksun also comes with a power cord to plug into a wall for on-the-go charging.

2 thoughts on “On-the-Go Charging Bags

  1. This is a great idea! I actually have the charging case for the iPhone, my phone always seems to be dead. However, I love the idea of a bag that can charge my laptop and other digital devices. This bag would be perfect for the airport, it’s always a hassle to round up all my chargers for a flight.

  2. I enjoyed learning about Powerbag and Energi+, I wonder if once all gadgets are in:

    . one can plug the bag directly to an electric outlet
    . if it has a solar panel

    And how airport security will deal with them as they become more of a trend for travelers and pedestrians on-the-go.

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