Persona App Monitors Your Reputation Through Social Media

A new Persona app, monitors your social media, preventing you from ruining your reputation online. The app looks for keywords in your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ when it identifies offensive material. Persona helps prevent the build up of unflattering comments, pictures and posts.

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The Persona app scans for social media top 5 red flags: Profanity, Adult Content, Drugs and Alcohol, Racism and Sexism, and Violence. When it flags offensive material, it alerts you and offers you a green check mark for you to approve the material on your social media, or a trash can to delete it from your networks.

Now that social media acts can act as a resume, Persona helps you protect your reputation online. Especially after years of having a Facebook account, some old posts from High school could come back and offend a future employer. CEO Lee Sherman explains how when Facebook first launched “it never entered any of these kids minds that one day employers might come across their posts and use them against them in a job search.” Individuals seeking jobs are able to be alerted and immediately remove posts they regret from the past before employers get to them first.

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“69 percent of recruiters have already rejected candidates based on negative online content — a number that we know is conservative and rapidly on the rise,” said Sherman. Jobvite conducted a survey that revealed 9 out of 10 employers are using social media as a source for hiring.

As more forms of social media are on the rise, the potential for self-deprecating posts in the eyes of employers rise as well. A clean online persona is vital, especially for seniors in college who strive to balance the professional appearance online while maintaining the social life of champagne bunches the Boulevard offers.

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