Sensory Innovations and Other Tasty Tech

Before you start to imagine people licking their iPhones to sample recipes on Pinterest, there are interesting breakthroughs in the world of tasty technology. Sensory innovations are not a new concept, and we are finally seeing some interesting developments.

Digital Lollipops
Researchers at the National University of Singapore are studying ways to transmit taste via an electronic device. They have designed a lollipop-like apparatus made of a silver electrode. This device has the ability to simulate salty, sweet, sour, or bitter flavors. The digital lollipop sends an electric current to your tongue that tricks your brain into thinking it is tasting food. The purpose of this experiment is to begin testing for more elaborate sensory innovations in the future.

Send A Kiss Over The Internet
In Tokyo, researchers have developed a kissing machine. This device allows users to stimulate a tube with their mouth and translate that movement across the Internet to another connected device. Researchers are using this technology to serve as a foundation for attempts to replicate breath, taste, and moistness of a kiss as well.

There have also been other apps to allow people to share an intimate moments over the Internet. Sympathetic haptics, or the ability to feel what another feels across technological barriers has been a popular research phenomenon since the early 2000s. Durex took this concept to a new level and created what they claim to be the first piece of high-tech underwear. Their sensory innovations allow users to touch their undergarments or phone and transmit that feeling to the intended recipient.

The Future of Sensory Innovations
Developers are hoping to design tools that will transmit the way we experience sensations across devices. To the food industry, this will be extremely beneficial as consumers could live in a world were they could sample dishes from restaurant menus.

In the gaming industry, developers could incorporate taste into the gaming experience. The same could also apply to the entertainment industry as companies could feature smells in movies and TV commercials. Additionally, there could be some interesting uses for this concept is further developed in regards to allowing others to experience touch across the internet.

While more practical sensory innovations are not quite a reality, it is fun to follow the journey of early stage sensory technology.

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  1. I don’t doubt that what is suggested in the 2nd last paragraph will be implemented in the future and “that industry” that seizes the moment to obtain billionaire profits every single time will capitalize on these technologies immediately.

    Talk about “safety”
    …what will some of the outcomes be? unwanted digital humans?
    It starts sounding like a Doctor Who episode.

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