Decision Making Made Easy With Accompany

Decision making made easy with Accompany.

Have you ever walked into a business meeting and felt embarrassed about the lack of information you knew about the client or company? Unfortunately, this is the case for many people which is why founder and CEO, Amy Chang created Accompany. Accompany is a free app branded as an intelligence platform. Accompany has the intent of “providing the largest database of senior decision makers in the world.” Following a similar protocol and website layout identical to LinkedIn, Accompany accesses over 250 million profiles. This app promotes next-generation contact management and organized research. They emphasize the importance of strengthening and nurturing well-acclaimed clients. Not just lots of profiles, but profiles that matter. accompany photo

What does the Accompany app do for its consumer?

Accompany describes their app as “a CEO’s best friend that delivers all your people and company research right to you.”  The most important feature on Accompany is the real-time feed which is a little more sophisticated than LinkedIn’s feed capabilities. Instead of a feed that reproduces information reposted by followers, Accompany specializes in posts mostly concentrated on product announcements, career changes, funding events, companies bought or sold, and quotes or mentions.  The most significant difference is that their app caters to a business and teams rather than just one person. Companies learn valuable information about the heads of the hierarchy and also communicate efficiently utilizing the company’s website recommendations. According to their website, the app is ideal for wealth managers, development directors, and sales operations.

Accompany endorses strategies that focus on empathy and joy for the success of others through the medium of email. This app is a digital relationship manager.   An application with relevant information built and stored based on user’s emails, contacts, calendars, and professional feeds. PR firms will benefit primarily from this app for organizational business purposes. Furthermore, If you are looking for a way to help your company research and organize, check out Accompany.