What is the Story Behind Cyber Monday?

Everyone knows what black Friday is, but what about Cyber Monday? If you hate the rush of Black Friday, this is the perfect holiday for you. Following the Monday after Thanksgiving, stores gift us with deals that are too hard to pass up. Rather than fighting for your favorite pair of jeans, you can sit in the comfort of your home. Online shopping is where it’s at.

Cyber Monday was coined in 2004 by Shop.org. The holiday was born when studies showed that the Monday following Thanksgiving was the most popular online shopping days of the year. Because of window Cyber Mondayshopping over the holiday weekend, researchers believe that people spend their Monday buying their new favorite sweater. Also, this gives people the chance to find the article of clothing that was impossible to get on Black Friday.

The holiday officially started in 2005 and went international almost instantly. Retailers in Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany were quick to pick up the deals. Since Cyber Monday began, sales have almost doubled. What started at $610 million in online sales in 2006 was seen to be $1.25 billion in 2011. Most Cyber Monday deals start at 12 A.M. that morning and will go through out the day. Websites like Steve Madden, Nordstrom, Society 6 and even Amazon all have deals.

What are the perks of Cyber Monday? Everything. Cyber Monday allows online stores to give their customer’s deals that they usually get in stores. Cyber MondayThe holiday lets customers simply navigate around the sites. Many customers prefer this to searching aimlessly throughout stores. Thanksgiving holiday can take a lot out of people, which is why shopping on a couch is preferable. Another benefit is that you know when something has sold out. The lack of organization on Black Friday leads many customers to prefer the online sales. No more flagging down salesmen, everything you need is at the touch of a mouse.

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