SmileDrive, it’s time to drive social



Driving is something we do every single day. We get in, we get out and that’s pretty much it. However, why if an app existed that made this experience a lot more fun. Well, it turns out that the app does exist and it’s official name is SmileDrive. This app is designed to make your experience more fun when you drive by allowing you to share all your personal experiences lived on your Road Trip in real time. In essence, it’s your social media app experience behind the wheel.

The Experience of SmileDrive

the app that follows you..

Imagine, you drive and drive and your cell phone records all your driving history and the special moments you’ve had. You can take a picture and your entire family can see it in real time as you took it. They can even see the exact location to the precise road mile the image was actually taken. Take a look at the video below..

Storing valuable memories and having a fun experience while driving is the main purpose of the app. You basically just drive and the app automatically records all of the pictures you take or the video you’ve recorded. Literally as you drive your mom, dad, theĀ NSA or anyone you want can see you as you physically drive. [and view all of your content]

Pretty Awesome is it not? Just imagine never driving in loneliness again, is it not just wonderful?


‘Have in mind that the history will remain in the app database forever. So if one day your kids want to see your road-trip pictures they will be able to do so in an instant’.

For example, Let’s say I go to Mexico and I take pictures on the road and communicate with my family as I use the app while I drive. My kids will be able to see the actual road trip content/history in the future, or now if they could. Some people believe that nothing is wrong with this, but for some people privacy may be a concern, so you may want to think about it before you download this app.

So what do you guys think? Is this app awesome or is it an epic fail, leave your comments on the section below and thanks for reading..