Tesla Autopilot Feature: Is it Living up to What the Company Promised?

tesla autopilot featureA year ago, Tesla stunned the car world with a beautifully designed and technologically advanced driving machine. One of the biggest features in the release of this new car was the Tesla Autopilot feature. This feature promises “full-service driving” where they expected that by 2019, drivers would be able to sleep in their cars even when on road trips.

Tesla Autopilot Feature Progress

As of now, Tesla has made little to no progress in creating this full-service driving machine. The Tesla Autopilot feature has had few and scattered updates to the system, according to many Tesla owners. One of the updates that has been added to the Tesla Autopilot feature is the ability to use Autosteer at speed up to 90 mph on the highway 35 and on local roads. Other than this, it has been nearly 5 months since any kind of Autopilot update.

Other features that have been promised but ultimately forgotten…

Some other crucial features that Tesla has not yet included in any of their updates are specifically in the realm of operational tasks. Consumers were promised the ability to read speed limit signs and to differentiate between vehicle types on the road as well as automated lane changed on the high way and better steering on tight roads.

While Tesla has become one of the most well-known car brands around the world, it is concerning to hear about all of these shortcomings in their updates. One of the biggest advantages of the brand is the Tesla autopilot feature. While I do not actually own a Telsa, I was unaware of the shortcomings until I did research. It seems as if there is work to be done on the brand. It will b.e interesting to hear about Telsa’s improvements and whether or not they will be able to live up to what they have promised their consumers.