Why Jeff Gordon is the Best NASCAR Driver

NASCAR is possibly the most underrated sport in America. Driving almost 200 miles an hour, just inches away from another car. It takes an insane amount of talent to be able to do that. The crashes? So fun to watch. The fans that turn up to races? The best people watching of all time. While there are many great drivers out there, Jeff Gordon just rises above the pack. Why? Take a look.

1. The Pepsi Revenge. So once upon a time, Jeff Gordon disguised himself and took a poor car salesman on a crazy car-ride for a Pepsi commercial. Many journalists criticized this commercial as fake, saying he wasn’t really driving. Jeff decided to get a little revenge on one such journalist, pretending to be a cab driver who was just released from prison. In the scenario, the cops try to pull him over, Jeff pretends to freak saying “he can’t go back” and takes off on a wild ride with the poor journalist in the back seat. Watch the video, you won’t be disappointed:  Jeff Gets Revenge

2. Who else fist fights on the track? Jeff has brawled SEVERAL times after a driver has taken him out. The surprising part? He still has a reputation as one of the classiest athletes in NASCAR, and is one of the most respected drivers ever. Despite the many brawls (one he was even fined $100,000 dollars for)

3. His last race. Two weeks ago, Jeff retired as a NASCAR driver. He qualified for the Sprint Cup Championship, but came up short in the last race, placing in 6th. But afterwards, he was just a CLASS ACT to Kyle Busch, the winner. I dare say, he stole Kyle’s spotlight with his gratitude and politeness. Swoon-worthy.

Also, he’s only 5’8″ (Although I’ve seen him in person and I think it’s more like 5’6″) and this is his wife: