Does it really have to end?

I am in complete denial of graduation. While sitting down to write this assignment, I don’t know where to begin because I haven’t come to terms with senior year. My time at SMU is nothing what I thought it would be but everything I could have hoped for.

Coming to Dallas, TX from Park City, UT is not a common thing. I always knew I wasn’t a ski town girl so during senior year when the college application process came around I looked for a school with warm weather, football and Greek life, a smaller size but also with the city close by; SMU fit the bill perfectly. I remember visiting campus for the first time and having the instant feeling that I was home, it also helped that I had already gotten in. August rolled around and I moved into McElvaney Hall and started the crazy adventure called college.

SMU is an amazing school both academically and socially. I know that I have made my best friends here and one of the hardest parts of graduating will be not living down the hall or street from them or waking up to my best friend since corral and now roommate in the sorority house, Hannah. I am so lucky to have met these amazing people not only in my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, but other activities like SMU Fashion Week, the Communications school, my SMU internship and so much more.

From freshman to seniors, boulevarding with my two best friends

From freshman to seniors, boulevarding with my two best friends

I came into SMU thinking I had everything figure out but I was wrong. Each year has presented amazing experiences but also challenges that have pushed me to become a better person in all aspects of my life. I have dealt with the bad: friends transferring, bad test grades, all nighters, the daunting 19 hours ahead of me this spring but I have also had the good: boulevards, internships, the infamous snow week freshman year, completing my first half marathon, being apart of the first SMU Fashion Week, bid days, the list goes on and on. I remember before starting college my dad said to take it all in and experience everything because the years fly by and as a soon to be second semester senior I can confirm that they really do. Here’s to senior year and finishing strong what began three and a half years ago.

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