Is Lyft Becoming the New Uber?

Car hiring apps are the new rage right now. Since they started they have just become increasingly more popular. First it was just Uber but now there so many others, one of them being Lyft. Uber began as the most popular app but Lyft is quickly catching up. The question is, is Lyft becoming the new Uber?

Car hiring services are very easy to use. This probably adds to their popularity. Another convenient aspect is the fact that you can pay through the app. Both Lyft and Uber contain these aspects but so far Uber has been in the lead. It should be no surprise that Lyft is Uber’s biggest competitor. More and more people are either downloading it to start with or even replacing Uber. An article from Forbes quotes that, “Uber’s share of the U.S. ride-hailing market has declined from 90% to 75%.” This is mostly because it is also because it is the second most used app. 


Uber app that hid a data breach affecting 75 million users.So why/how is Lyft becoming the new Uber? For one thing, studies have shown that Lyft is less expensive. This is a big pull for customers. Lyft’s “Prime Time” prices overall were significantly lower than Uber’s “surge charges.” Car hiring services are most popular after big events or in popular cities. As a customer, you would probably prefer the app with the lower prices which makes Lyft more appealing. Another plus to Lyft is that the drivers prefer working for them. If drivers are happy with it, they will probably enjoy their work more. People also said that Lyft treats their customers better. These are some of the big factors against Lyft vs Uber. In the end, both apps are extremely helpful and popular and Lyft has a while to go before they can even come close to becoming the new Uber.