1,425 Days and Counting

From Homecomings to Boulevarding to English 1301 and PerunaNet–come May 2014, I, as well as many of my peers across the nation will be pushed out of our warm, safe cocoon that is college and thrown out into the cold cruel world that is true adulthood. Where we have to be grown up and work for a living and over these last four years I have had the greatest opportunity to learn so much about myself as a human being and gain some great friends and knowledge that will be with me on that journey. It’s been 1,425 days and counting since I began my journey at SMU and I am both excited and terrified for it to end, but man have I loved every step of the way. 

Although being only 30 minutes away from my family my first year at SMU was filled with so much self-pity and wallowing. I was homesick and was trying to get my barrings at a new school when I had left being the top dog at my old one. I felt like I was surrounded by “friends” that I made very quickly but yet still felt alone and isolated. I joined a bunch of clubs and organizations to fill my time so I was never by myself but it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I would truly begin to blossom and find my place.

The Resident Assistant or RA, a.k.a. the “Fun Sucker,” the “Hall Monitor”, the “Paid Snitch” and so forth was my calling for the next two years at SMU. It was there that I truly became who I was meant to be. I became confident, more outgoing, and self aware of both my strengths and weakness.