Snoball: Turn any action into a donation

Donations to charities and non-profits are the main reason many of them are still running.  However, many times people do not donate as often as they could or do not donate at all because they may feel that their small contribution will not make an impact.

However, a new platform on the internet is allowing people to donate money in a very creative way and it is giving them an opportunity to donate much more than just their money.  Snoball, is an application that helps cause marketing and helps donors market the charity of their choice with their friends. Continue reading

The True Impact of Social Media

Social media has become an outlet for corporate, non-profits and other organizations to become more engaged with their public.  For many organizations, this has become a new challenge where they must figure out how to work social media.  Many are still skeptical about social media and the impact it has on its users.

When looking at a business plan, many would ask themselves how social media can increase brand awareness.  Businesses may ask themselves if it possible for a Youtube video or a Facebook post to increase brand awareness? Continue reading

Social Media Policy in the Workplace

As the use of social media continues to grow, the line between professional and private has begun to blur out.  It has become very easy to bring out your phone and tweet about what just happened to you five seconds ago.  Most of the time, these tweets are done on impulse and without thinking.  Many of these times, these tweets are not appropriate and can get the Twitter user in trouble.

However, how are tweets defined as inappropriate and are companies paying more attention to the information their employees are posting to the internet? Continue reading

Social Media & Fact Checking

The internet has become the fastest growing platform for communications in the past few years.  Through the internet we have been introduced to social media which has allowed us to create an online community.  The internet has become such an integral part of our life that often times we believe everything that is on the internet.

As social media use increases, the line between facts and rumors is blurring.  With the recent elections fact checking was supposed to provide fast and accurate checks for those engaged in the debates through platforms like Twitter.  However, what happens when unexpected incidents like Hurricane Sandy happen.  Continue reading