Do Your Audiences Use Digital Communications?

It is important to truly know if your audiences use digital communications.

Digital communication has exploded in popularity and effectiveness over the past decade so that many companies and audiences use digital communications regularly.  Companies and individuals have jumped on the bandwagon that allows them to advertise and communicate well in the digital space.  While this has been effective in reshaping the way the public communicates, organizations must slow down and examine their audiences to figure out if their audiences use digital communications enough to make it a viable marketing tool. Continue reading

There is A New App Called Cloak

This new app called Cloak is a continuation of an anti-social trend that can be seen in applications like Snapchat and WhatsApp.

Ever wanted to avoid someone?  It’s not that you don’t like this person, but your day just might be better if you did not randomly run into him or her.  If so, there is a new app called Cloak that is just for you.  It’s the newest in anti-social apps.  It helps you deliberately avoid people.  That’s right; Cloak has teamed up with Instagram and Foursquare, using their location devices to find your friends, so that you can avoid them.  It’s currently only for iOS, but the idea is that it will expand if people like it.  It’s currently free in the app store. Continue reading

Social Media in Ukrainian Tumult

Reaction to tumult in Ukraine is affected by social media.

What’s happening in the Ukraine and Russia is making people bite their nails.  Everyone is on red alert as people watch Russia flex its muscles, Ukraine struggle in confusion, and the rest of the world threaten sanctions with caution.  This is a scenario that reminds a lot of people of events and times that we often try to forget including the Cold War and the start to WWII.  With the news that  the Crimean Parliament wants to now join Russia, people are even more confused and looking around for an answer. Continue reading

6 Best Practices of Instagram Users

Vibrant colors, a beautiful sunset, and #nofilter are constantly posted on Instagram by friends, but is it appropriate for an organization to post things like that? 

As Instagram grows and makes its way to being the main means of social media for the younger generation, it is becoming essential to know the do’s and don’ts of Instagram.  Here are some best practices for creating an effective and engaging Instagram. Continue reading

P&G Mom Campaign Is Part Digital

P&G Thanks moms in ad campaign: continuing to woe the public through ads and digital communication.

Proctor & Gamble has done it again.  The latest part of their “Thank You Mom” campaign is as sentimental and tear-jerking as ever.  The “Thank You Mom” campaign first aired right before the London Olympics in 2012 and has continued into the Sochi Olympics this year.  This campaign consists of different videos with different mother-child pairs that all elicit a similar reaction: memories and happy tears. Continue reading

Linger in Social Media

Linger Confrence uses social media to reach young adults.

What if when Jesus walked the earth, people pledged their allegiance to a person or cause by following them on Twitter instead of physically following them around?  What if Jesus’ followers could have just clicked “unfollow” at the crucifixion instead of fleeing the sight?  There is a Youtube video that depicts this idea.  The video is thought provoking, but it brings more to life than just the story of Jesus.  It is more than a pithy metaphor.  It is an example of how Churches and other ministries have started using social media to connect with their members and pursue others.  This use of social media is happening for the Linger Conference too. Continue reading

A Holiday at Sea: The Olympics Parallel Social Media

The Olympics and Social Media

Whether it’s watching Shaun White land a cool trick or hearing about the success of athletes who have trained for these games their whole life, the Olympics are always a time of unity and international support.  The games make the world seem smaller.  The countries get to work alongside one another in peace for a couple of weeks every other year.  There is something truly special about it, but this year things have gotten off to a rocky start.  Reporters are complaining of unsafe hotels and athletes are getting injured, not to mention the public uproar around security concerns and human rights issues.  Continue reading

From Viewer to Player: The Super Bowl and Twitter

Multi-task this Sunday.  Watch the Super Bowl and be active on Twitter at the same time.

Super Bowl XVIII is just around the corner. In fact, it’s only two days away.  While die-hard fans are gearing up to go to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, other fans are preparing their best homemade snacks to get ready for the game.  It’s the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Denver Broncos this Sunday.  Both teams have solid quarterbacks and plenty of personality on and off the field.  Manning, the Bronco’s quarterback, is precise and accurate, while Wilson, the Seahawk’s quarterback, is flexible and fast.  Continue reading