From a Dream to Reality: My Years at SMU

My very first visit to SMU when my dream was bornI’ll never forget the first time I visited SMU. I sat in a large auditorium with dozens of other college hopefuls listening to various speakers talk about the bachelor of arts program at Meadows School of the Arts. After walking the beautiful campus, I was already buzzing to find out more. Then Dean Jose Bowen began to speak. “Our goal is for every student is to do what they love. If there is a subject that you want to pursue, we want you to pursue it. We want you to succeed and will work with you to make that happen.” And with that I turned to my Dad, on cloud 9 and said, “I’m going to go here. This is my dream.”

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Pinnning! Pinterest’s New Guided Search is Awesome

Pinners Can Explore 30 Billion Pins With a Few Key Words

Pinterest guided search makes searching Pinterest easier for users.How many times have you opened Pinterest to search for a quick dinner recipe only to be sucked into a vortex of DIY projects, interior design ideas, and inspirational quotes? Pinterest now has Guided Search, a new, easier way to search through 30 Billion pins and find exactly what you’re looking for on your mobile devices. It’s as awesome as it sounds. Continue reading

Epilepsy patch: New wearable technology for Epilepsy sufferers

A debilitating and often deadly disease, Epilepsy causes 50,000 deaths in the United States every year. With wearable technology on the rise, new medical patches, like an epilepsy patch, can be worn on the skin or like a watch and monitors and interprets data to find seizure triggers and disperse medication.

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The San Antonio Spurs and their diehard fans

They chant ‘Go Spurs Go’ hundreds of times a year. They decorate their cars, own every type of jersey, and wave towels with ferocity. These are diehard San Antonio Spurs fans who are in a league all their own.  Here are 5 reasons why being a member of Spurs Nation is the greatest fan club to ever belong to.

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Sevenly raises awareness with graphic tees and social media

Sevenly logo Not many businesses can say they support 52 causes a year, but Sevenly, a cause-based small business can. With only $7 of each product they sell going towards their cause of the week, their work towards social awareness and charitable giving is changing the way people give back.

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Twitter is King on the Second Screen

Twitter's logo is located on many second screens.Ellen’s Oscar-selfie, otherwise known as the selfie that broke Twitter, became the most retweeted tweet of all time with over 2 million tweets just hours after posting. TV viewers live-tweeting TV programs has become a phenomenon in recent years with shows creating unique hashtags and twitter accounts. Ellen’s Oscar-selfie is just one example of how the social network is dominating the second screen world.

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Apple’s CarPlay is Making a Mark on the Auto Industry

Apple CarPlay descriptionFirst it was the auxiliary cable, next USB ports, then a slight upgrade to bluetooth capabilities and now CarPlay, Apple’s new in-car software coming to automobiles this year. Dubbed the “smarter and safer way to use your iPhone in the car,” CarPlay will display the basic functions of the iPhone right on your car’s dashboard instead of holding your iPhone in front of your face or using a finicky phone mount.

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How a recent ruling against net neutrality is cramping Netflix’s style

The words net neutrality have been thrown around a lot lately, but you may not have realized this failing fight may actually be affecting you. Net neutrality is the idea to stop internet service providers from deliberately throttling services to certain websites. In laymen’s terms, this could mean a lot of buffering, and possibly suffering, for streaming service giants like Netflix and it’s customers (i.e. you!).

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Get Your Parking Tickets ‘Fixed’ With New App

Screenshots of Fixed, the parking ticket app

Screenshots curtesy of Fixed and CNN.

We’ve all wondered whether we could miraculously navigate traffic laws to successfully dispute a totally undeserved parking ticket. Fixed, hitting the app store this week, aims to aid those who feel the wrath of the meter-maid and want to fight the injustice of unfair parking tickets. While parking tickets can be infuriating and expensive, Fixed not only helps you fight a parking ticket, it actually submits the legal paperwork for you. It’s as simple as taking a picture.

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Social Media Monitoring Tools for Small Businesses

The world of social media is fast-paced and ever-changing. Affordable social media monitoring tools are the perfect companion for small businesses with multiple social media accounts. But for many small businesses, social media monitoring is daunting and expensive. But fear not! Social media monitoring tools come in all sizes and price-ranges (even free!) to perfectly match any small business.

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See the Winter Olympics through Olympian’s Social Media Accounts

Sochi 2014 Olympic logoThe 2014 Winter Olympics started today with hundreds of athletes flocking to Sochi, Russia to compete. Team USA fans can watch the Olympics in primetime on NBC or in realtime through NBC Sports Live Extra. However, extreme olympic fans can get a different perspective of the games through competing Olympians’ social media accounts.

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A Look Back At The Best Super Bowl Commercials

With Super Bowl XLVIII two days away, many Americans are gearing up by buying 12-packs of Budweiser, procuring pounds of chicken wings, and dusting off their crockpot’s for the tradition ‘Super Bowl party.’

Last year 108.4 million people watched the big game, about a third of the American population, but the Super Bowl isn’t just about football. During a regular football game, many rush to the bathroom or grab an ice-cold beer during commercial breaks, but during the Super Bowl all eyes stay on the TV to see some of the best commercials of the year.

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