Booty Shorts: An Epidemic

As the Texas heat wave shows promise of cooling down, there is belief that it will take the revealing clothing trends with it. This summer has unleashed a desire in women across America to display parts of their bodies that should only be revealed in various settings such as the club or behind closed doors. To many, there is nothing wrong with that, yet to others, there is great concern. Continue reading

When Thirst Means More Than Drinking Water

Online phenomenon has greatly contributed to the English language. Recently the words “twerk” and “selfie” have been added to the dictionary. This has had major implications in our social world because it means our online habits are spilling into our daily lives. With this in mind, what do you think will be next? The generation of our parents feared that even texting would dilute the English language and yet our culture seems fine as we still study Shakespeare. Could you imagine if a class studied the great English classics one day and then lectured on twerking the next? Continue reading