Braille Smartphones are Newest Innovation for the Blind

Newest innovation: Braille Smartphones

Newest innovation: Braille Smartphones

When we use our smartphones, it is hard for us to think about the fact that people who are blind cannot take advantage of the phone at all. However, technological breakthroughs have helped produce Braille Smartphones that can be used by the blind. Continue reading

Arrested by Social Media: How Facebook and Twitter Catch Criminals

Social MediaWith social media continuing to expand, people are just now realizing that most content you publish online is available to the public. This realization comes as several people are being arrested by social media. Continue reading

Smartphones and Healthcare

SmartAs the cost of healthcare continues to rise and the process becomes more complex, doctors are constantly looking for ways to better serve their patients. A new and innovative way to do this is by combining smartphones and healthcare to enhance the industry. Continue reading

Will Republicans Catch Up?

After the 2012 election, it was obvious that Republicans had lost their edge over the Democrats in the technology realm. However, young strategists in the Republican Party have now been thinking of ways to overhaul the technology infrastructure for the next elections. Continue reading

Karl Rove Talks Politics in Dallas

Karl RoveOn Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon with Karl Rove as the keynote speaker. Through an informal interview, he discussed the results of the previous election and predictions for the future of the Republican Party. Continue reading

Targeting Voters through Video Ads

BlogAs technology advances, political campaigns are finding more sophisticated ways of directly targeting voters. Campaigns constantly use television spots to appeal to voters, but now they are transitioning to online video ads. However, the big question is how campaigns are able to only play ads for voters that are likely to vote for them. Continue reading

2 Social Media Tools for Political Campaigns

Social media is revolutionizing the way that political campaigns track and target voters. New technologies are constantly being invented to track support for candidates. A few of the newer ones that can influence the 2014 elections are Zignal Labs and Tracx. Continue reading

Helping Organizations with Social Media

Participatory budgeting is an amazing program that provides opportunities for regular citizens to be involved in the allocation of local city funds. However, you have probably never heard of this program, even if you live in a city that currently participates! If cities and the actual organization take advantage of social media to get out the word, participatory budgeting may grow rapidly over the next few years. Continue reading

Social Media is Rapidly Changing Political Communication

Social media has been rapidly expanding over the past few years, becoming an important part of our everyday lives. From business to sports, it has been transforming the way industries target the American public.

However, one area that has been drastically transformed by the addition of social media is politics. Continue reading