New Location Data Use Targeting Creates Privacy Concerns for Consumers

Location data use once centered around targeting consumers in a certain location with applicable ad messages. Experts are calling today’s marketplace “location data 2.0. Advertisers are now able to collect location data over time and then create consumer profiles based on consumer’s location history.

Location Data Use: How it Works

location data use When consumers allow location tracking when downloading mobile apps, marketers can collect rich data. Last year, Goodwill utilized location data tracking.  The company targeted shoppers who had been to a thrift or second-hand store recently. Goodwill then ran ads to those consumers to convince them to donate their rarely used items to charity. With location data tracking, advertisers have access to more data than ever before. Surveys and other more traditional methods cannot collect such insightful and rich data.

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Tumblr’s Cabana App Introduces a New Way to Share Video

Tumblr’s Cabana app just launched, which allows up to 6 users to video chat with one another while also sharing YouTube videos. In recent years, Tumblr has explored expanding its video capabilities. Cabana seems to be one of the results of Tumblr’s video exploration.

How Tumblr’s Cabana App Works

Cabana is currently only available for iPhones, but an Android version will likely launch in May. After launching the app, users can connecTumblr's Cabana app t with friends or contacts they already know, or search by username. This feature it similar to Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and other apps. Like most social platforms, users can then either accept or ignore friend requests. Once contacts are imported, users can then set up mini-chat rooms.

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In the Instagram and Snapchat Competition, Instagram Will Beat Snapchat

With the current Instagram and Snapchat competition, it’s important to differentiate the two sites. The two social media outlets have become more similar, so choosing the best for your brand poses a challenge.

Instagram and Snapchat Competition

Instagram executives have openly admitted to copying Snapchat stories.  Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, told TechCrunch that Snapchat deserves all the credit for the stories concept. Regardless of the originator of the concept, it seems that Instagram might beat Snapchat at its owinstagram and snapchat competitionn game. A Delmono study measuring 21,500 Snapchat stories found a 40% drop in unique viewers between July and November 2016. Interestingly enough, Instagram stories came out during that period, in August 2016. In addition, Snapchat’s growth rate of daily active users has been dramatically decreasing in recent months. Some market experts speculate that Snapchat’s growth might have plateaued. These insights are important to consider for brand marketers, especially those in influencer marketing. When deciding which platform to use, there are also several other differences to consider.

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About Snapchat Spectacles: What to Know Before You Buy

So long to the days of staring at the world through your phone when Snapchatting. Snapchat Spectacles allow you to capture moments through the lens of sunglasses. But, you may not know a lot about Snapchat Spectacles. To learn more, follow along for more information.

about snapchat spectacles

Launch of Snapchat Spectacles

Spectacles debuted in 2016, but there were not easily purchasable until last month. Spectacles were first distributed through Snapbots, Snap’s version of vending machines. Snapbots popped up in various cities and never stayed anywhere for more than 24 hours. The hard-to-get aspect of Spectacles gave them a cool factor. Spectacles are no longer so hard to get. On February 20, Snap launched the Spectacles website, making the product easily accessible to all customers.

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Artificial Intelligence Bots Could Replace Advertising Creatives at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is exploring replacing advertising creatives with artificial intelligence bots. Digital executives at Coke believe bots could create music for ads, write ad scripts, post spots on social media, and buy media.

artificial intelligence bots Digitization of Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola recently restructured to become a digital business. The digital transformation of Coca-Cola will take place in four areas. These areas include consumer experience, operations, new business, and culture. To improve consumer experience, Coke plans to use artificial intelligence bots to better the content, media, and commerce aspects of their business.

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Watson Speech-Enabled Ads Benefit Both Consumers and Marketers

IBM’s augmented intelligence program, Watson, is now being used to create speech-enabled ads. These ads allow brands and consumers to communicate within an advertising experience.

Watson is similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant in that it converses with users. But, it is a form of advertising. Campbell’s is one of the first to experiment with Watson speech-enabled ads. In Campbell’s Watson ads, the program becomes “Chef Watson.” Chef Watson combines users’ ingredients with its knowledge of cooking to deliver new recipes to the consumer.

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Facebook Trending Update Released to Prevent Fake News

This week, a Facebook trending update was released to improve the scope and quality of news on the site. Facebook introduced the update in response to the fake news stories that previously trended on the site.

Facebook trending updateFacebook Trending, a module on the News Feed, is one of the most controversial topics surrounding the social networking site. Gizmodo, a political site, was the first to accuse Facebook of sharing fake news. The site published an article in which former Facebook publishers stated that they downplayed conservative media sources when choosing which stories to trend.

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Facebook Bots Could Be the Next Step in Digital Communication

Facebook Messenger Bots, introduced in April 2016, are the next step in digital communication because of their ability to connect businesses and consumers. While they were introduced last year, recent advancements have improved their usability. Facebook users can use Bots for a variety of tasks, such as customer service, making restaurant reservations, reviewing e-commerce orders, and more. To use Bots, users must first launch the Facebook Messenger app. They can then find Bots by using the search bar at the top of the app. Users then choose the Bot they would like to use and chat the Bot to get what they need. This provides the next step in digital communication for e-commerce and marketing alike because Bots are not just limited to text. They can send images, links, and call to action buttons.

Next Step in Digital Communication

Bots cater to all kinds of companies and causes, including Domino’s Pizza, Expedia, and even protests. The Domino’s Pizza Bot, called “Dom”, enables Facebook users to order pizza online. Users have access to the full Domino’s menu and can place their order within the Messenger app. But, because Facebook Messenger cannot take credit card payments yet, customers must pay the Domino’s delivery person in cash upon the arrival of their pizza. Domino’s introduced this Bot ahead of the super bowl this year in anticipation of the high demand for pizza. To learn more about Dom, click here. Continue reading