The Junior Year Jitters

Growing up as the youngest I had always envisioned this unattainable maturity. I always thought that once I reached a certain age I’d have my act together. Obviously, however, as the youngest child there was always someone ahead of me. Therefore, it became an unattainable goal to reach because just as I was reaching that level everyone else was already on the next level.

The reason I mention this is because I thought college would be the moment when I finally felt I reached this maturity. This would be the time where I would know everything and get my act together. College, especially when I was younger, had this connotation that this was where everything changes and gets real. Up until about now, this notion had never really hit me.

But it just did.

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Biometrics Role in Gun Safety

It would not surprise anyone to know that the topic of guns is controversial. In recent years there has been discussions about the safety and danger of gun use. However, the topic of gun safety was brought to the forefront on December 14, 2012 when 20-year-old Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Continue reading

Passwords – A Thing of the Past with Biometric Alternatives

Passwords will hopefully phase out as biometric alternatives become more prevalent in the years to come. 

We’ve all been there. We type in our username and then spend the next 10 minutes guessing the password by typing in every password we’ve ever used. Maybe we get in on our fourth try, but more than likely we end up hitting the “Forgot Password” and wait for an email.  It’s frustrating, it’s time consuming, and biometric alternatives may solve it all.

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Yik Yak: A New Platform for Cyberbullying

Yik Yak’s sought to be an anonymous bulletin board for college students, yet it looks more like a tool for cyberbullying in middle schools and high schools across the nation.

Yik Yak is a 4-month-old application that uses locations to connect users to nearby users and creates an anonymous social chat room. On Yik Yak, users are limited to 200 characters, no pictures are allowed, and there are no usernames required. Yik Yak is essentially a blank canvas where users can write whatever they want about whomever they want and have no fear about their identity being exposed.

Yik Yak Features

Here is an overview of Yik Yak, which allows you to see the annonymous bulletin board and location

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Samsung’s Curved TV Will Change The Way You Watch TV

Samsung is raising the bar when it comes to TV innovation and design with the launch of their curved TV.

The launch of the curved TV is changing how we watch TV and is challenging the stereotypical flat screen design. What is so great about the curvature design is the curved ends create a panoramic effect that makes the display appear to be bigger than it really is. The curved TV gives the viewer an encompassing feeling and enriched viewing experience.

The curvature of the design is challenging our previous notions of a flat screen TV

The curvature of the design is challenging our previous notions of a flat screen TV

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Blurring the Lines Between Fashion and Technology

The San Francisco Bay start-up company, Cuff, is hoping to blur the line between fashion and technology. This company is taking an alternative route to the typical technological in-your-face gadgets, like Google Glass or UP Bands. Instead, this company is trying to conceal the bold techie gadgets by using fashion designs and jewelry pieces to do so.

The founder of Cuff, Deepa Sood, is the mastermind behind the fashion line that would double as a pop-out Bluetooth device. Customers can choose between a range of accessories including pendants, bracelets, and key chains that range anywhere from $50-$150 that double as a tech gadget.

Some of the Cuff pieces that are available

Some of the Cuff pieces that are available

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Facebook Pays a Pretty Penny of $19 Billion

Dealing with billions of dollars will get a lot of people talking and Facebook’s pricey buyout of $19 billion for WhatsApp is no different. If you were ever wondering what is worth that much money, we have your answer: a hot mobile messaging application.

So what’s up with WhatsApp? At the small fee of $.99 once a year, the application allows users to bypass the need to pay wireless carriers for messaging services. Instead, the application uses your Internet data plan to send texts, pictures, or videos back and fourth.

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Olympics Athletes Looking to Score More Than Just Gold Medals

In the technological 21st century it would only seem normal to cut away any old-fashioned rules of dating and Tinder is no exception.

This dating application uses your Facebook information and mini profile to find eligible singles within a certain mile radius. Potential matches appear on the application based on certain qualities and interests. If you like what you see then you swipe right and if you aren’t interested you swipe left. If the person you swipe to the right has also swiped you to the right, then bingo we have a match!

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Clorox Solves #SochiProblems

Social media is creating a new form of communication for companies called real time marketing. This kind of marketing allows for interaction between the companies and the customers to be relevant to what is going on in that particular moment. Since the social media world is quick and clever, companies have only a window of time to capitalize on what is happening in that exact moment. If they are quick thinking and cunning enough they can win it big. With that being said, how can companies effectively do this?

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Digital Communications: All Day Every Day

Today, in the 21st century, it is essential for business professionals to understand the realms of the social media world. Through social media outlets, businesses are able to reach their audience 24/7, 365 days out of the year.  With this consistent and immediate presence, it is vital for businesses to understand digital communications in order to successfully run their companies.

The first order of business is to focus on the company’s website. The website is the cornerstone of digital communications as it provides all the information about the company. From history of the business to the products or services it provides, the website is where customers come to find all the information. Since the website is so important, it needs to be easy to operate because customers will not have the patience to figure out how to maneuver a website. Therefore, make sure the company’s website is clear and direct to ensure that no customers are lost because of confusion.

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