Never Have To Wash This Shirt

As a young business executive one can be quite busy. The everyday workers wake up early and return home late. There is not much time for anything. And somebody with so little time on their hands barely has time to wash their clothes. Sometimes they even wear the same clothes. Every man has worn the same shirt more times than we would like to admit. Thankfully Wool & Shirt have created as shirt that does not have to  be cleaned.

Final Blog

The year is finally over and am looking towards the summer time. Next year I am looking forward to being a Senior but will miss my fellow classmates who are graduating. This summer I have a lot planned out. I am first traveling to study in Bali for the first month. I have never been to Asia so I am looking forward to further broadening my horizons. Traveling is a drug for me now, and I can’t get enough of it. In the last year I have traveled to London, Paris, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Poland, and Israel. So I now consider myself somewhat of a world traveler.

Boston Marathon


Social media can be a very useful device but can also be a very hurtful when used incorrectly. And just because something reports a story first does not make it correct. This unfortunately happened when Twitter falsely identified the Boston Marathon suspects.

Last week two bombs were exploded at the Boston Marathon by two terrorist. It was a tragedy that killed three people and injured many more. After the bombing it was reported on twitter that the two suspects had been identified and their names were posted. This was the beginning of the viral story. After being tweeted it was than upload and pushed by redditt. When enough people get behind a story how can it not be true?

Boston marathon bomb suspects

We as internet users easily forget how easy it is to believe in anything that is posted on the internet. We blindly believe things without evidence. This is a problem of our generation. Just because something is published on the internet does not mean it is truthful. We must question everything that is uploaded and ask for the evidence.

The false tweet temporarily smeared a missing Brown student. This can ruin lives if not used correctly. Social media is a very powerful tool. Sites like Redditt and Twitter give us so much power that we must use it with responsibility.

THE Twitterbuster.

Last week Rand Paul took the senate floor looking for answers about whether the current administration believes they have the right to use drones to kill American citizens. Paul declared he would not stand down until this issue was cleared up.Paul’s rant instantly pushed him into the spotlight. In an age of social media it only took a few hours for him to go viral on the twitter verse. While on the senate floor, Paul sent out twits.



Mashable has even posted a video, of  Rand Paul’s Filibuster in 120 seconds.

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First American Pope?

lg-dolan This week the world was shocked when  Pope Benedict XVI  stepped down from his title as Pope.  This was quite an historical event because the last time a Pope retired from his post was 600 years ago in the year 1415, when Pope Gregory XII resigned, after 10 years on the job 1415. Also in 1294, Pope Celestine V resigned after only five months, preferring the simple life of a monk to the majesty of being pope.

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Grammys Blog

url-3The Grammys are the SuperBowl for music artists. Every year in February the Grammys are held to honor, recognize, and celebrate music. All the top artist attend and it is one of the only times in the whole year where the top Artists all sit down in the same room for one night. It not hard to see why it is the most tweeted event with stars like Beyonce, Usher, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga all making appearances.


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Blog 3

Youtube and Paid Subcriptions:

unnamedYoutube is one of the most successful social media sites in the world. Currently it has over 5 billion visitors per day. This number is only going up. This year youtube will start offering an  experimental paid subscriptions for users.


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Super Bowl Ads and Social Media

Every year people tune into to watch the Super Bowl for more than just the game. Super Bowl commercials are one of the biggest reasons people watch it. Over the past decade Super Bowls have been known for having great commercials. Brands like Bud Weiser, Old Spice, and Go Daddy have used the Super Bowl to launch their most successful ad campaigns.

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