Flashback Friday

In honor of the weather and this day off of school, I would like to dedicate this post to a reflection of the  amazing years I have spent at SMU.


(This photo was taken three years ago during one of the most memorable weeks of my life, the infamous freshman year ‘snowcation’).

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Buffer Takes Social Media Management to the Next Level

Buffer is a new social media management app that is the perfect solution for a very busy individual who does not have enough time to log on to their social media accounts to continuously update their profiles. With Buffer, you can set up all your tweets and posts at one time, and then schedule what time each one publishes.



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Launch.it: The largest searchable database for everything new

Launch.it is a user-friendly, free social-networking platform that acts as a newsroom and allows individuals to share and discover new products and services the moment they are introduced.

Launch.it provides many advantages to both businesses and consumers as it seeks to create a more socially engaged, better informed, and smarter community.

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