Why Jeff Gordon is the Best NASCAR Driver

NASCAR is possibly the most underrated sport in America. Driving almost 200 miles an hour, just inches away from another car. It takes an insane amount of talent to be able to do that. The crashes? So fun to watch. The fans that turn up to races? The best people watching of all time. While there are many great drivers out there, Jeff Gordon just rises above the pack. Why? Take a look.

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Snapchat Rolls Out New Ad Units

As Snapchat increases its popularity with consumers, it is also increasing its popularity with brands. Already, brands such as Burberry and Goldman Sachs have purchased Live Stories that showcase branded content for 24 hours. In this past week, Snapchat has rolled out two new ad units: a promoted channel in Snapchat Discover and a sponsored lens.  Continue reading

A New App that Will Get You Even More Excited for Halloween

Only a week away, kids are getting very, very excited for Halloween. Copious amounts of candy, costumes, and staying up past bedtime? A 10 year old’s dream. Well, now those over the age of 21 have a reason to be excited for Halloween, too. Vivino, an app for wine enthusiasts, pairs the perfect wine with your favorite Halloween Candy. Vivino just released its second annual “Candy and Wine Match Maker” chart that matches 14 of the most popular candies with everything from pinot grigio to merlot.  Continue reading

SI’s Campus Rush Kicks off College Football Season

What day is it? GAME DAY. As the first games kick off, Sports Illustrated Group kicked off its newest website devoted to college football, SI’s Campus Rush. However, don’t expect to just find stats and replays of the action. SI’s Campus Rush aims to capture not just the news from the field, but the real culture and excitement found on college campuses across the country during game day.

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