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I am a current senior at Southern Methodist University pursuing a public relations major and advertising minor.

2 Million Retailers Add “Pay with Venmo” Option to Online Checkout

If you don’t know, Venmo is the person-to-person mobile payment app that has become wildly popular among millennials. Last year alone, Venmo processed over $9 billion in transactions. From splitting the cost of pizza, to splitting monthly rent, Venmo quickly achieved widespread use. However, the free app is not popular among investors. Venmo’s parent company, PayPal, hopes to change this by adding a Pay with Venmo option to over 2 million online retail sites.  Continue reading

Target Joins Google Home’s Voice-Activated Shopping Service

Online shopping used to be the ultimate convenience. Now, we expect overnight shipping and suggested products. We expect to repeat a previous order with one click. Retailers that are not adopting these features will not stay relevant in the online marketplace. In 2016 Google released their first smart speaker, Google Home, to compete with the Amazon Echo. Here is how they put a twist on one of the most highly-anticipated features: voice-activated shopping.

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