My Academic Curtain Call

The past four years I spent studying at Southern Methodist University might just be the fastest years I have ever experienced.  When I look back at the trials, tribulations, and academic accomplishments of my undergraduate collegiate career it’s hard not to get relatively sentimental.   Continue reading

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NHL Playoffs Coverage

With the rise of social media, the majority of sports teams have gained tremendous support and coverage from fans over social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  As the fight for the Stanley Cup approaches, NHL playoffs coverage this year could reach an all-time high on social media platforms, specifically Twitter.

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April Fool’s Day Viral Marketing

As the clock stroke midnight on Sunday evening, several corporations began to unleash round afer round of April Fool’s Day viral marketing jokes and pranks on online consumers.  Companies used different social media sites and pages as a platform to dupe friends, family and colleagues into believing preposterous ideas and product campaigns.

The Consequences of Social Media Use Over Spring Break

As we all go our separate ways next week for Spring Break, it’s important to be conscious about what you and your peers post online from your respective vacation destinations.

In a moment of impulsive joy, it is easy to get carried away taking funny Instagram pictures to entertain your audience of followers, but those kinds of photos are more likely to harm you than help you.  Sloppy tweeting, jarring facebook posts and embarrassing comments have the ability to alter your online reputation over the long term.

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The Art of Going Viral

With the amount of people using the Internet today, it’s incredibly easy for an individual’s original content to be buried by other people’s useless posts and comments.  Having the ability to make your contribution stand out on any social media platform is a highly desired skill that some companies pay a lot of money to understand and achieve.


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How Klout Scores Can Set You Apart in the Job Market

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive every year, recent student graduates are looking for new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves during the application process.

Individuals looking to apply for positions that involve online interaction should familiarize themselves with Klout scores in order to understand the importance of a single person’s reach.

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

It simply isn’t enough to just say how you’re feeling or what you’re up to over the online forum of your choice any more.  Users want to engage with their friends and show them what they’re feeling and experiencing.

As different social media channels continue to pop up every day, a picture still has the ability to communicate a thousand words to viewers.  Apps like Instagram and Pic Stitch have quickly taken precedent in the world of public online interaction.

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Drawing Parallels Between Social Media and Library Etiquette

Anyone who has ever spent any amount of time in a library knows the unspoken code of courtesy and silence that is expected of its patrons.  When someone disrupts the balance you can almost feel individuals’ shoulders tense and hear the collective sighs of anguish.  Why is it that some people feel they are immune to rules of common courtesy?  Is it because they just don’t understand how to behave?

Similarly, when you visit and begin engaging with others on any social media platform, there is a common understanding that you should conduct yourself in a certain way that does not blatantly disturb the others around you.

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