A Way For Fashion Influencers to Make Money

Influencers To Make Money Using Instagram

Instagram provides a platform for fashion influencers to monetize their fame by earning commission. Using Instagram, fashion influencers can expand their audience. Users can follow the fashionistas to get quick access to fashion ideas and trends, without the hassle of following their blog. It eliminates reading long posts, when users just want to see a photograph of an outfit. RewardStyle has given a way for top tier influencers to make money.

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Free Red Swimsuit Floods Instagram Feed

Reposted Image of Free Red Swimsuit Goes Viral

Swimwear company Sunny Co. posted a promotional offer last Wednesday that turned Instagram feeds into a repeating feed. The offer was one millennials could not turn down. The task was simple.  Repost the photo on Instagram and tag Sunny Co. within the first 24 hours of the original post, and get a free red swimsuit.

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Cars with Amazon Echo Begins with Mercedes-Benz

Cars with Amazon Echo PC: The Verge

Home Concierge Device Moves Into Cars

Mercedes-Benz is now equipping all of their 2016 and 2017 cars with Amazon Echo and Google home, ultimately expanding its smart home capabilities to the road.

The voice enabled assistant is capable of making to-do lists, providing real time information, ordering groceries, music playback, and much more. Mercedes-Benz is now adapting this luxury into their vehicles. Continue reading

Social Media Story Comparison

A look at Instagram and Snapchat StoriesPC: techview.me

Social media users can continuously stream their photos in a constant loop using different social media story features. Users on Instagram and Snapchat can post photos to their account, while adding different filters and geotags for their followers to watch. Each social media story post has a lasting period of exactly 24 hours from the time first shared. Both social media channels have similar core features, but is there a defining factor that pushes one over the other? Continue reading

Update to Facebook’s “Trending Topics” Section Fights Fake News

Update Creates Broader “Trending Topics” Section

Facebook released multiple updates for their “Trending Topics” section, which will help the site prevent fake news stories.  The site’s “Trending Topics” section is a quick way for users to see current headlines in a timely manner.  The section has been under fire in the last year for trending fake news, as well as trending topics based on political bias. Continue reading

Instagram Users Will Share Multiple Photos in a Single Post

New Feature Similar to Facebook Photo Sharing

Instagram Users Can Post Multiple Photos in a Single Upload. Credit: Instagram

Instagram is looking to give users the option of sharing an album of photos in a single post. The newest feature is not available to all users but is currently being tested on the beta version of Instagram’s android app.  According to a report from Mashable, the update will allow users to select up to 10 pictures or videos to create a single post on users’ feeds.  The update will take away from the one photo post and make the app more similar to Facebook photo sharing options.  Followers and other Instagram users will be able to like individual photos within the post.

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