About Jaimmy Koroma

Jaimmy is currently a senior at Southern Methodist University studying Creative Advertising and Communications. After graduation, she hopes to purse her dreams of first becoming an Art Director but has not ruled out working in Politics. In her spare time Jaimmy likes to paint and dance, watch movies with friends and family, and going out and meeting new people.

1,425 Days and Counting

From Homecomings to Boulevarding to English 1301 and PerunaNet–come May 2014, I, as well as many of my peers across the nation will be pushed out of our warm, safe cocoon that is college and thrown out into the cold cruel world that is true adulthood. Where we have to be grown up and work for a living and over these last four years I have had the greatest opportunity to learn so much about myself as a human being and gain some great friends and knowledge that will be with me on that journey. It’s been 1,425 days and counting since I began my journey at SMU and I am both excited and terrified for it to end, but man have I loved every step of the way.  Continue reading

Microsoft’s Xbox One

For all you nerds out there consumed with your digital reality more than your actual reality, you already know that Microsoft’s Xbox One was released today but for the rest of us that live in the analog world another gaming console or really a multimedia console. Microsoft actually got something right for once, in creating a console that also connects to more than just Halo and Just Dance 4.

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1 in 3

On Tuesday of this week, SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute hosted the Exxon Mobile Series featuring a short documentary-like video produced by the Publicis Dallas called 1 in 3. The film is about the United States decaying middle class and how 1 in 3 families are living from paycheck to paycheck and how we as advertisers and communicators should not forget this group of people when it comes to marketing and creating products.

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Hallmissed the Memo

What’s wrong here?

Do you see something wrong with this picture? Yes? No? Well, many, a.k.a. everyone, found that Hallmark, or in this case, Hallmissed the memo on political correctness; changing the traditional Christmas carol of “Deck the Halls” from ‘don we now our gay apparel’ to ‘fun apparel’. Oops–definitely a wrong move on the company who supposedly “makes the world a more caring place by helping people laugh, love, heal, say thanks, reach out and make meaningful connections with others” –Company Website

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Bitstrips–We’re So Narcissistic

Really?! I mean seriously y’all. Facebook feeds all over the world have been filled to the brim with the latest trend. Images of friends as avatars in fun and crazy comical situations. Yes, I’m talking about Bitstrips–we’re so narcissistic. Bitstrips, the new but actually old app to sweep the nation; listed as the #1 Google Trend on Thursday, has exploded after releasing its mobile app.

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Christmas Tech List

As Halloween approaches, it’s hard not to start thinking about Thanksgiving and inevitably it’s cousin Christmas, and all the goodies you would love to find under the Christmas tree. So I have compiled not just any old Christmas Wish List but a Christmas Tech List of all the cool digital gadgets that I and maybe you would love brimming out of the stocking this year! From TVs, to tablets, to apps and more!

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Social Media Depression

We have all done it– posted a status, a tweet, a pic and have checked back to see how many likes, comments, and retweets we’ve gotten in response. Sadly the numbers fill some kind of weird need or emptiness. It boosts ego and self esteems. BUT it also tears down confidence as studies have shown that Facebook, as well as other social media platform make young people sad and less satisfied. Continue reading

Blackberry Jam

Lines in front of Apple Stores could be seen once again across the nation, as people waited anxiously for the newest Apple technology, but in the same week as the release of both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, news that Blackberry will be cutting 40% of its workforce also surfaced.

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RebelMouse, The Organized Social Media

When it comes to checking out someone’s online presence, be prepared to open up a couple of tabs, as you must look at not only their Facebook, but their Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so forth. It can not only be time consuming but it can also just be a hassle. It is websites like RebelMouse that are the solution. They take all of our social media accounts and presents them on to one organized site.

Generation Z–Are We Ready?

Remember obsessing over your childhood heartthrob or celebrity? Having a poster or three on your wall and begging your mom to go to a concert or movie? Remember waiting to hear them come on the radio or watch them on MTV? Well that time has gone! Now with the use of technology kids and teens can obsess about their idols then ever before. Taking it to an almost psychotic level of devotion.