More than an adventure

To categorize my years at SMU as an “adventure” would be as cliché as it sounds. My years at SMU have been more than an adventure. For the past six semesters I have had reckless nights out on Greenville/Uptown, studios all-nighters pulled in Fondren, enough Tex-Mex food to last a lifetime, a closet defining the typical “SMU girl”, and plenty of Flash Photography photos to capture the parties that were otherwise difficult to remember.

Although I did not begin my college career at SMU, I have felt honored to call SMU my home since the spring of 2011. Being the new kid on campus wasn’t an easy transition. Truth be told, I have constantly felt like an outsider in the SMU community for not being a member of Greek Life and missing the wild first semester of college. However, throughout these past six semesters I have craved my own path through SMU and have truly had the time of my life.

It is scary to think that May 17th, 2014 is nearing closer and closer. I am not prepared to say goodbye to Thursday nights out, staying up outrageously late, having minimal financial responsibilities and attending Saturday Boulevards in the fall. But real life is fast approaching. At this moment I do not known what my future holds, but I can confidently say I am more than prepared for this next step.

I give thanks to my incredible friends, my profound professors and supportive parents for helping to make my time at SMU the best years of my life thus far. I will never forget my semester in Boaz, the scorching hot Boulevards in August, the Snowpocalypse of 2011, surviving my first “tornado” scare and even the countless nights of stress/procrastination spent in Fondren.

SMU, I applaud you for the people you have brought into my life, the education you have given me, and the most rewarding college experience I could have ever imagined. Cheers to living in the moment and enjoying my final semester college.

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