Dallas is one of the top contenders for Amazon’s HQ2

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Dallas is one of the top contenders for Amazon’s HQ2. 

In September 2017 Amazon announced that it is looking for a second home for its headquarters. Since the announcement, cities all over the country are in a fierce bidding war for the new headquarters. Currently, Dallas is one of the top contenders for Amazon’s HQ2. Continue reading

How mobile apps are helping students find their dream college

The traditional method of choosing college usually involved meeting with your designated college counselor, buying the “Fiske Guide to Colleges” book, or visiting a campus. However, today one third of students do most of their college research on mobile phones, and two thirds of high school juniors and seniors are using a college planning website to help them find their dream school.  Continue reading

Rethinking Emergency Response: The Use of Social Media During Natural Disasters


Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and newer social media startups are now arguably essential during natural disasters due to the fact that social media spreads information faster than older emergency response methods.

The U.S. has been hit hard over the past few weeks in terms of natural disasters. Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma were life threatening super storms that caused over $200 million in damages. Something of critical importance during this time was the use of social media as opposed to other emergency response methods. This showed the significance of social media’s importance in emergencies. Continue reading